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"Listen – are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?"

-Mary Oliver

What is spiritual direction?

This type of intentional conversation offers a space to slow down from the busyness of life and even the clutter of our own daily thoughts, in order to listen. To listen to the events of your life, to what is going on inside yourself, and to your unfolding life story. Together in this listening we might open more to the place you find yourself, and the ways that God may be with you in exactly the place you are. 

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What does spiritual direction look like?

Because we are all so unique in who we are and what spirituality looks like for each of us, spiritual direction will be different for each person. A general structure might be beginning our conversation with a few moments of silence, to pause and to give you an opportunity to notice anything in you that you are particularly present to or would like to talk about together. We will talk, and I'll probably ask questions for us to hear your experience together. Ultimately, our time is a collaborative conversation in which we are paying attention to your life together: to where you are and to the divine movements in your life. 

How is spiritual direction different from therapy or counseling?

While we can benefit from both therapy or counseling and spiritual direction at the same time, the purposes are distinct. Therapy and other types of counseling tend to focus on working through or overcoming a problem in someone's life. Spiritual direction does not seek to resolve a problem or issue; rather, it offers a space to grow in awareness of yourself and of the presence of God in your life (perhaps even in the midst of a problem).

How often would we meet?

Typically, spiritual direction occurs on a monthly basis. This is an intentional pace, different from other types of conversations like therapy. In some seasons of life people might desire more frequent meetings, or less. 

How much does it cost?

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My rate is a range between $40-60 per session. My desire is for spiritual direction to be accessible, and you are invited to decide on an amount within that range that is most doable for you. If you have other needs you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me. 

How can spiritual direction benefit you?

Spiritual direction can offer a built-in rhythm to slow down in our busy lives and pay attention to the things that matter.

It can also be especially supportive for people who are experiencing:

  • Life transitions, loss, healing from trauma

  • Burnout or overwhelm

  • Spiritual dryness, confusion, or new movements

  • Questions about where God is in your life

  • Shifting beliefs or religious community

  • A desire to pay closer attention to the meaning in your life; for someone on the journey with you

Schedule an Initial Conversation

Click on the link below to schedule a free 20-30 minute virtual conversation to discuss where you're at and if spiritual direction might be beneficial for you. 

Want to connect? Have a question? I'd love to hear from you.

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