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I am passionate about cultivating spaces where we can begin to see what is going on below the surface of busyness, distraction, and assumptions. To discover together what can happen when we truly see and hear - and are truly seen and heard.  If you are considering spiritual direction at this time in your life but are unsure of where to start (or even if it would be helpful to you), feel free to reach out. I would be delighted to connect with you and help you in your next step.

My Story

Profound loss met me in my late twenties, and completely upended life in the way that I knew it- including the ways I thought I knew God and the world to be. Meeting with a spiritual director during this time opened me to more of myself and more of God than I had known before, even in the midst of deep challenges. It is a deep joy for me to now be able to offer this type of reflective conversation for those wanting to figure out where God is and how to connect more deeply - with yourself and with God.


Wherever you find yourself, whether that's in the mundane day-to-day life, enduring hardship, or trying to figure things out - I believe God is fully with you in exactly the place you are.

I have a BS in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Spiritual Formation & Soul Care. I am particularly interested in becoming more fully who we really are, and am delighted to walk alongside those who find themselves in that process.

I have had the privilege to companion with many different types of people, especially those who find themselves navigating transition, loss, trauma, major life decisions, or who are in a place where life doesn't seem to be operating on the same terms as it used to. I have also journeyed with people who are navigating identity, who identify as a highly sensitive person, who are Christian, Jewish, unraveling beliefs, or who feel like they don't quite fit into a category. 

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